Introducing the 2017 Epsilon Sigma Phi Distinguished Ruby Recipient

Dr. A. Scott Reed

Reed Scott compDr. A. Scott Reed is the 2017 recipient of Epsilon Sigma Phi’s highest recognition - the Distinguished Service Ruby.  As the Ruby Recipient, Dr. Reed will give the prestigious Ruby Lecture at the Ruby Luncheon on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, during the 2017 ESP National Conference.

Scott Reed is recognized nation-wide for his visionary leadership and strategic planning expertise. Dr. Reed chairs the ECOP Task Force on Private Resource Mobilization and represents Cooperative Extension on the Board on Agriculture Assembly. As Vice Provost for OSU Outreach and Engagement, Dr. Reed provides leadership for the Extension Service and Extended Campus, focused on providing worldwide engagement with learners and partners. Numerous organizations including ESP have honored
him for his professional accomplishments.

In addition to his leadership and service to Epsilon Sigma Phi, Scott served as the National President of the Association of the Natural Resource Extension Professionals, served on the Joint Council of Extension Professionals Board of Directors and served as the JCEP liaison to the ECOP Budget and Legislative Committee in the early 2000s.  


2017 National Epsilon Sigma Phi Recognition Recipients

National Distinguished Service Ruby Award
A Scott Reed / Oregon Gamma Chapter
Northeast Region
Distinguished Service Award
Jeannette Rea Keywood / NJ Alpha Xi Chapter
Continued Service Award
Nancy Kadwill-Brand / PA Alpha Omicron Chapter
Mid Career Service Award
Melinda Graver / PA Alpha Omicron Chapter
Early Career Service Award
Jocelyn Koller / Maryland Tau Chapter
Administrative Leadership Award
Brad Paleg / Maryland Tau Chapter
Visionary Leadership Award
Jeffrey D Myers / Maryland Tau Chapter
International Service Award
Robin Brumfield / New Jersey Alpha Xi Chapter
Diversity Multicultural - Individual
Lisa Gonzales / Maryland Tau Chapter
Distinguished Team
Elaine Long Bailey – Calvert 4-H Chesapeake Outdoor Discovery Camp
Southern Region
Distinguished Service Award
Shirley Williamson / Georgia Alpha Beta Chapter
Continued Service Award
Elizabeth L. Andress / Georgia Alpha Beta Chapter
Mid Career Service Award
Daphne Richards / Texas Alpha Zeta Chapter
Early Career Service Award
Raghuwinder “Raj” Singh / LA Alpha Alpha Chapter
Administrative Leadership Award
Kenneth Jones / Kentucky Alpha Kappa Chapter
Visionary Leadership Award
Judith L Warren / Texas Alpha Zeta Chapter
International Service Award
Charles Overstreet / Louisiana Alpha Alpha Chapter
Diversity Multicultural - Individual
Edda Z. Cotto-Rivera / Georgia Alpha Beta Chapter
Diversity Multicultural –Team - tie
Ninfa Pena-Purcel – Equipping and Empowering Minorities with Diabetes Education / Texas Alpha Zeta Chapter
Diversity Multicultural –Team - tie
Patricia J. West – Around the World with 4-H / Georgia Alpha Beta
Distinguished Team
Christopher Sneed -  Farmers’ Fresh Market / Tennessee Omega Chapter
North Central Region
Distinguished Service Award
Beverly Maltsberger / Missouri Alpha Tau Chapter
Continued Service Award
Jeff King / Ohio Alpha Eta Chapter
Mid Career Service Award
Eric Barrett / Ohio Alpha Eta Chapter
Early Career Service Award
Dan Marzu / Wisconsin Alpha Sigma Chapter
Administrative Leadership Award
Gayle Price / Kansas Alpha Rho Chapter
Visionary Leadership Award
Gregory Davis / Ohio Alpha Eta Chapter
International Service Award
Bonnie Wichtner-Zoia / Michigan Alpha Psi Chapter
Diversity Multicultural - Individual
Angela Holmes / Ohio Alpha Eta Chapter
Diversity Multicultural - Team
Susan Hogan - In the Garden 4-H Special Interest SPIN Club (SPIN) Club / Ohio Alpha Eta Chapter
Distinguished Team

Mary Ann Schilling - Dollars During Development / Wisconsin Alpha Sigma Chapter

Western Region
Distinguished Service Award
Scott Cotton / Wyoming Eta Chapter
Continued Service Award
John Williams / Oregon Gamma Chapter
Mid Career Service Award - tie
Lynette Ranney Black / Oregon Gamma Chapter
Mid Career Service Award - tie
Irene Shonle / Colorado Zeta Chapter
Early Career Service Award
Jamie Davis / Oregon Gamma Chapter
Administrative Leadership Award
Joey Peutz / Idaho Theta Chapter
Visionary Leadership Award
Pamela Rose / Oregon Gamma Chapter
International Service Award
Ross Penhallegon / Oregon Gamma Chapter
Diversity Multicultural Individual
Mark Platten / Colorado Zeta Chapter
Distinguished Team - tie
Stacey MacArthur – Discover 4-H Clubs / Utah Iota Chapter
Distinguished Team - tie
Carole Smith - SNACZ (Students Now Advocating to Create (healthy snacking) Zones / Oregon Gamma Chapter

Announcing the 2016 ESP Award Recipients.

Thanks and congratulations to the nearly 200 members who were nominated for the awards that will be
presented to the national and regional award recipients at the Recognition Banquet that will be held on
Tuesday October, 25, 2016 during the ESP National Conference at Cape May, New Jersey.  Again,
congratulations to those that were nominated as well as to those who were chosen for national and
regional awards. 

2016 ESP Regional and National Recognition Awards

National Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Ruby Award Dr. Pennie Crinion – Illinois /Alpha Nu
Friend of Extension Cliff and Judy Bracher, Extension Volunteer/Lay Leader, OR
Friend of Extension Terry England, Elected Official, GA
Friend of Extension Ann Turkos, Extension Volunteer/Lay Leader MD
Northeast Region Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award Karol Dyson – Maryland / Tau
Continuing Excellence Award Susan K. Morris – Maryland / Tau
Mid Career Award Robert C. Goodling, Jr  - Pennsylvania / Alpha Omicron
Early Career Award - Tie Amanda Marie Wahle – Maryland / Tau
Early Career Award - Tie Michelle F. Brill – New Jersey / Alpha Xi
Administrative Leadership Award – Tie Marilyn Corbin – Pennsylvania / Alpha Omicron
Administrative Leadership Award – Tie Mary Jane Willis – New Jersey / Alpha Xi
Visionary Leadership Award Christopher C. Obropta – New Jersey / Alpha Xi
Diversity Multicultural Award – Indiv. Jeffrey D. Myers – Maryland / Tau
Diversity Multicultural Award – Team Karol Dyson – Maryland / Tau
Distinguished Team Award Meredith Melendez - Preparing for Later Life Farming: Helping Farmers Pan and Develop Estate and Farm Transition Plans – New Jersey / Alpha Xi
Southern Region Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award Charles Overstreet – Louisiana / Alpha Alpha
Continuing Excellence Award Diane Sasser – Louisiana / Alpha Alpha 
Mid Career Award Lisa Hagman – Kentucky / Alpha Kappa
Early Career Award Karen Franck – Tennessee / Omega
International Service Award Brent Broaddus – Florida / Alpha Delta
Administrative Leadership Award Allen Malone – Texas / Alpha Zeta
Visionary Leadership Award Janet Johnson – Kentucky / Alpha Kappa
Diversity Multicultural Award – Indiv. Rhea Bentley – Georgia / Alpha Beta
Diversity Multicultural Award – Team -Tie Jennifer Abel – 4H, Finance and Nutrition Programs Foster Success for Foreign-born Youth and Adults – Virginia / Alpha Gamma
Diversity Multicultural Award – Team - Tie Nancy Moores- Differently Abled Youth – Florida / Alpha Delta
Distinguished Team Award Crystal Osborne – Owsley County School Health & Wellness Committee – Kentucky / Alpha Kappa
North Central Region Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award Trudy Rice – Kansas / Alpha Rho
Continuing Excellence Award Julie A Chapin – Michigan / Alpha Psi
Mid Career Award – Tie Meridith Berry – Missouri / Alpha Tau
Mid Career Award – Tie Patricia Brinkman – Ohio / Alpha Eta
Early Career Award Mark Light – Ohio / Alpha Eta
International Service Award James Hoorman – Ohio / Alpha Eta
Administrative Leadership Award Greg Hadley – Kansas / Alpha Rho
Visionary Leadership Award Jacqueline Kirby Wilkins – Ohio / Alpha Eta
Diversity Multicultural Award – Indiv.

Emily Proctor – Michigan / Alpha Psi
Diversity Multicultural Award – Team Suzanne Mills-Wasniak – “Vacant to Vibrant” Dayton, Ohio Urban Agriculture Project – Ohio / Alpha Eta
Distinguished Team Award Carol Smathers – Water First For Thirst – Ohio / Alpha Eta
Western Region Award Recipients

Distinguished Service Award Shana Withee – Oregon / Gamma
Continuing Excellence Award Lyla Houglum – Oregon / Gamma
Mid Career Award Justen Smith – Utah / Iota
Early Career Award Melanie Jewkes – Utah / Iota
International Service Award Shana Withee – Oregon / Gamma
Administrative Leadership Award Barbara Brody – Oregon / Gamma
Visionary Leadership Award Jeff Sherman – Oregon / Gamma
Diversity Multicultural Award – Indiv. Jim Ekins – Idaho / Theta
Diversity Multicultural Award – Team Mike Knutz – Healthy Kids Club – Oregon / Gamma
Distinguished Team Award Shanna Northway - Youth Advocates for Health! (YA4-H!) Teens as Teachers Program – Oregon / Gamma

New Overtime Final Rule Issued
To our NIFA Partners:  As many of you may be aware, on May 18,  the Department of Labor issued the Fair Labor Standard Act’s"  Overtime Final Rule, which is intended to ensure overtime protections for executive, administrative, and professional employees (“white collar”).  The implementation of the final overtime rule is Dec. 1.

Changes from the initial proposed rule include:

  • Nonexempt employees working over 40 hours per week must be paid overtime pay for work in excess of 40 hours per week. Compensation for these additional hours must be no less than one and a half times their regular hourly rate.
Exemptions can be made for “white collar employees,” including teachers, and certain other categories of workers.
  • For exempt employees, the minimum income threshold is set at $47,476, double the current salary threshold.
No changes were made to the “duties test” and “teaching” exemptions. 

NIFA is closely studying the updated rule and its impact to our land-grant university partners, small business and other grantees. In the coming weeks, we will provide you more information and necessary guidance as it relates to our current and future funding opportunities and reporting procedures.

MRRC Committee Invites You to Attend - 

The ESP Membership Recruitment & Retention Committee invites you to a webinar, “ESP On-line Membership Opportunities”. The webinar is Tuesday, May 24, 2016 from 2:00-3:00pm EDT, 1:00-2:00pm CDT, 12:00-1:00pm MDT & 11:00-12:00pm PDT.

Participants will learn more about the membership management software that was piloted by the ESP National Office and 7 chapters in 2015.  Bob Ohlensehlen, ESP Executive Director will discuss the new on-line membership system and Debbie Ross, Maryland Chapter and Daniel Marzu, Wisconsin chapter leaders will share their insights into the challenges and benefits of using the online membership program for new and renewing memberships. 

Come learn more so you can decide if you’d like to be part of the program this fall for the 2016-2017 membership drive.

Missed it?  You can view the Recording (Click the Link).

2015 Bruns KarenRuby Award Recipient
Dr. Karen Bruns
Ohio State University Extension

Dr. Bruns is currently serving as Assistant Director for Family and Consumer
Sciences and Leader, OSU CARES (Community Access to Resources and
Educational Services) with Ohio State University Extension. In the Assistant
Director role, which she has held since February, 2011, she provides
leadership to a program of over 200 faculty/staff who focus on Healthy People,
Healthy Finances and Healthy Relationships.

Since 1996, she has given leadership to OSU CARES, an Extension led initiative she developed.
The program serves to catalyze interdisciplinary teams that partner OSU Extension with colleges
across Ohio State University to expand the outreach and engagement of the university with Ohioans.

From 1996 to 2010 she also served as the leader of The Ohio State University Outreach and Engagement. In that role, she built and gave leadership to the implementation of Ohio State’s vision and plan for redefining the university’s commitment to communities as developed by the 1994-1995 University-wide Ad Hoc Committee on University Outreach. She facilitated and supported this committee of university leaders. From 1982 to 1996 she served as a county Extension educator, having responsibilities as a Family and Consumer Sciences educator,
Community Development Educator and County Director during her tenure.

Dr. Bruns has been a member of the Ohio Alpha Eta chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi since 1987, serving as Ohio Chapter President, Past President, President-Elect and Annalist. She has been an active ESP Committee member on the state and national level, including the following Ohio committees: Public Issues, Professional Development, Nominating, and Leadership Fund. She has served on the National ESP Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee and the National ESP Marketing Committee. She has attended six ESP national meetings, two JCEP leadership conferences, two PILD conferences and she presented at four ESP conferences.

Professional Accomplishments and Awards

• Inducted into the Academy of Community Engagement Scholarship (ACES). One of only 14 engagement leaders from across the United States accepted into the inaugural year of this national academy. Members are selected by their engagement peers in recognition of their: excellence of past contributions to theory and practice of community engagement scholarship, successes in collaborative work that resulted in significant improvements for society and a commitment to the goals of ACES.
• Served as a leader of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities’ Council on Engagement and Outreach. Past-Chair, Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. Served as a board member from 2008 through 2014.
• Recognized for her professional leadership in Extension. Received the 2009 ESP Alpha Eta Chapter and then the 2010 North Central Visionary Leadership Recognition award. She is recipient of the Alpha Eta Chapter Administrative Leadership Recognition in 2008, and the North Central Region Administrative Leadership Recognition Award in 2009.